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Ways to find some inner calm

Tips for inner peace.

Try some gratitude...sometimes when we are looking (enviously) at what other have, we forget to be grateful for the things we already have. Thinking, or even better, writing a list of those things we are grateful for, will open your mind to the realisation that you have many great people and things in your life.

Own up to yourself when you got something wrong... if we are constantly looking to place blame for something that went wrong on someone else, we never realise our own mistakes... so, we repeat them. Maybe even apologise when you make a mistake rather than looking to put that blame elsewhere.

Look after yourself... healthy eating, exercise and sleeping enough all help you feel much better, and calmer.

Do that thing you know needs doing... Whether it is fixing something in the house, phoning that friend, whatever it is, your mind will quietly nag you until you do it. Once it is done you will feel that little bit better.

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