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Could your relationship benefit from a refresh?

Relationships can get rather worn and need a bit of maintenance from time to time.

Here are a few ideas

A regular date night… This might sound very obvious, but all too often couples complain to me that they don’t do things together any more. The reason? Because they don’t do things together anymore! It may be just going for a walk, or a full on night out, with a meal, the theatre and a nightclub afterwards. Interestingly both of the couple will often arrange nights out either individually or as a couple with their friends where they do such things, but not just the two of them as a couple.

Couples Meetings… Having a set time to discuss issues, say once a week on a Monday night, where they discuss matters. This is a healthier way of resolving problems than waiting until the situation comes to a head and there is an argument.

It’s not Me, it is Him/Her… Each partner is responsible for the health of the relationship. This is a key realisation. If you are constantly blaming the other, you are almost definitely deluding yourself.

Little things matter… A cup of tea, a kiss on the cheek, a friendly hello on getting home, these little things have enormous value in making your partner feel wanted, loved, and ultimately, safe in the relationship.

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