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What is my Ego?

Sigmund Freud first described the psyche as having 3 parts.

The 'Id' , the 'Ego' and the 'Super Ego'

The Id is to do with wants and desires, for example, wanting a bar of chocolate.

The Super Ego however sees that the Id is suggesting eating the chocolate, and says 'You shouldn't have that chocolate, it's fattening', or 'If you are hungry, have an apple'.

The Ego mediates between the two, listening to both the Id and the Super Ego, and then should decide whether or not to eat the chocolate based on how often you treat yourself in this way, your weight, etc etc.

However, if either the Id or the Super Ego get too powerful, it causes problems.

In the case of the Id 'ruling the roost', then we can become unboundaried, be that by eating too much food or drink (including alcohol), being sexually promiscuous, being lazy, treating others badly etc.

If the Super Ego gains too much sway, then we constantly deny ourselves pleasures in life, constantly striving to be a 'better' person, and become very self critical of allowing the Id to have even the slightest bit of its own way.

Therapy can help you develop a balanced Ego

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